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Connie Hong



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Connie Hong is a vocalist, songwriter, podcaster, teacher, and overall creative person.  She is the lead singer and songwriter for Ivory Circle and Fair Elle, co-host of Foxy Moron Podcast, and vocal teacher/ coach in Denver, Colorado.

As a songwriter, Connie has been co-writer for the band Ivory Circle since 2013, which has garnered local and national recognition with placements on CW (Charmed), VH1 (Couples Therapy) and Showtime (The Affair promotional spot), radio airplay (including OpenAir CPR, KBCO and KTCL in the Denver-metro area), and press in several publications for her dynamic vocal abilities and heartfelt songs. Most recently, she was featured in NPR’s All Songs Considered blog for Ivory Circle’s entry in the Tiny Desk Contest for 2018. Some of her writing and vocal collaborations include Latifah Alattas (Moda Spira, Page CXVI), Holly Lovell, Aaron Wagner, Kate Brady (winner of Guitar Center’s 5th Annual Singer-Songwriter Program), and Aaron Marsh (Copeland). She is a member of SESAC.

As an artist and maker, Connie is owner of Sings the Sparrow LLC, a shop of upcycled handmade wallets and small bags for men and women.  She is also an occasional photographer and likes to take pictures of life and her dogs.

As a voice teacher, Connie has taught private lessons, choirs, vocal ensembles, and other small vocal groups for over 10 years.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with an emphasis in voice for K-12 from the University of Northern Colorado, as well as extensive performing experience in Classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre (Broadway) and contemporary technique.  A lifelong learner and student of music, she has studied voice with Diane Bolden-Taylor, Greg Jasperse, Julie Williams, Peter Eldridge (New York Voices), Dana Landry, Jerry VanderDoes, Celeste Delgado, Britt Quintin, and many others.  Some of Connie’s students have won local talent shows, been selected for All-State Choir, gotten leads in musical productions, and/or pursued music in college (and beyond).  For more information on taking lessons with Connie, go HERE.